boiler service, and why it matters
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Boiler service, and why it matters

Most boilers come with an expected working life of around ten years. Some may last longer of course, and if they do, it’s generally because they’ve been well looked after during their lifetime.

That’s where regular boiler servicing comes in. We’d all like to just fit and forget, then turn on the taps safe in the knowledge that our boiler will do the work in the background without any problems. But inevitably, issues do occur. Small amounts of metal can flake away inside radiators and pipes, leading to build-up of deposits which reduce the efficiency of your system and can eventually lead to blockages which stop your radiators working altogether. Modern boilers are built to last, but parts wear out and issues can develop long before they fail – issues that can be identified well in advance by a trained professional.

You can order a service anytime. But it makes sense to sign up for a care plan that means your trusted boiler engineers will take care of everything for you. Depending on the kind of service plan you require, you can simply pay for your annual service, and benefit from the peace of mind that your boiler is being well looked after. Or you can pay a bit more to include repairs, knowing that whatever happens, you’re covered.

By paying just a few pounds a month, you can offset the cost of potential repairs and keep your boiler working to its full potential for as long as you have it.

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