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Boiler Service Plans in Blackpool and NorthWest

Here’s my guide to all the boiler service plans in Blackpool and the Northwest on offer from Blackpool Boiler Installations.

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Peace of Mind

In life, most things that are important are at risk of jeopardy.

Sounds bleak doesn’t it?

But consider this - your next holiday could be ruined my non-stop rain, your job could be at risk by a corporate decision by remote board members, you could seemingly out of nowhere have a wind turbine built in your backyard, or your car could develop a new warning light which the garage will charge a grand to switch off.


Luckily, with all this uncertainty in life, there’s one thing you can rest easy about, and that’s your boiler health - when it’s covered by one of my boiler service plans in Blackpool and the Northwest.


Simple Solution

In previous blogs, I’ve talked about the merits of boiler service plans compared to paying for servicing and repairs as required.

Paying for boiler repairs as you go can make sense if you have a VERY new boiler, however, the simplicity of a boiler service plan, which takes the thought out of planning a service, and worrying about covering the price of repairs, makes them a very attractive and logical option.

Simply pay the low monthly cover cost and sit back and enjoy hot water and a cosy home every day.

If the water ever turns tepid or the radiators stop giving out heat, simply pick up the phone, and we’ll be over to sort the problem in no time.


Boiler Service Plans in Blackpool Explained

Blackpool Boiler Installations are pleased to offer a range of boiler cover options to suit your requirements, as well as your budget.

Prices start at £6.50 per month (for our Winter Warmer Essentials package) and top out at £24.99 per month for our Premier package.

Here’s what you can expect from even the most basic of packages.


Gas Certificate

This is an official record of the work carried out on your boiler, issued after repairs and servicing.

It’ll describe in detail the inspections and maintenance carried out, and any issues identified.

You’ll need this for warranty claims, as well as to provide to insurers, and if you choose to sell your house.


Warranty Calls

All our boiler service plans in Blackpool and Northwest cover warranty calls, should your boiler suffer from issues while within the manufacturers’ guarantee.

Most boiler repairs must only be carried out by a licensed, qualified professional, or you’ll void your boiler manufacturers’ warranty (and break the law).

All repairs and servicing carried out by Blackpool Boiler Installations preserve your boiler warranty as well as its’ service life.


Boiler Service

No boiler service plan from Blackpool Boiler Installations would be complete without, as the name suggests, a service!

This annual boiler health check-up includes a detailed inspection of your boiler, ensuring it is safe to use and working optimally.

Repairs are carried out on the same day where possible, and if not, we’ll arrange for a follow up visit to make sure your boiler is in tip-top condition.


Levelling Up

Our Silver and Gold boiler service plan packages include additional services to prolong the lifespan of your boiler and central heating system and ensure you can enjoy reliable hot water all year round.

Additional features include advanced strip down servicing (where we remove high-wear parts to inspect and clean them, then assemble them to good-as-new condition), radiator bleeding and checks (to make sure your rads are hot, aren’t leaking, and are working as efficiently as possible), and repairs to your boiler as well as central heating system.

Labour costs are covered by the Gold boiler service plan from Blackpool Boiler Installations - so you don’t have to worry about how long we’ve been on site!


Maximum Cover

We’re proud to offer the premier boiler service plan in Blackpool and Northwest.

In addition to the stand-out features of our Silver and Gold packages, you can also enjoy parts cover- so you’ll never have to worry about shelling out for expensive repairs- as well as a handy 10% discount on any future purchases from Blackpool Boiler Installations.


Why Do I Need To Service My Boiler?

Fantastic prices and comprehensive service packages are great, but why do you need them?

Especially if your boiler appears to be working just fine, gives you hot water for your shower and keeps your radiators warm?

Fair question.


In order to maintain your boilers’ manufacturer warranty, you need to make sure it is regularly serviced and maintained - regardless of how well it appears to be working.

A service will also ensure that your boiler is safe to use - for example, that it isn’t leaking gas or exhaust fumes into your home, which could have potentially life threatening consequences.

Finally, a thorough service will identify any issues with your boiler before they become major problems, saving you money down the line.


We’ll also ensure that your boiler is working as efficiently as possible - meaning you’re not using it when you don’t need to, and it uses as little gas or oil as possible, to ensure efficiency and keep your running costs down each month.


Cost Comparison

There’s one very easy way to work out whether a Boiler Service Plan from Blackpool Boiler Installations is for you - look at the costs.

Our top-flight, most comprehensive boiler service plan comes in at just under £300 a year.


Consider that a simple annual service may cost over £100, then you’ll also have to cover the cost of any parts required, further call-out charges - and this is just your boiler, let alone the rest of your central heating system. Very soon the annual service plan cost is surpassed by a single problem needing repaired.


If you have an older boiler, or it is in use a lot (for example in bigger properties, or where you have a larger family or greater hot water demand), ensuring your boiler is covered, even by one of our more basic service plans, becomes a no-brainer.


What Are You Waiting For?

Our boiler service plans in Blackpool and Northwest offer you the peace of mind that the most expensive, high-risk appliance in your home is covered should it develop an issue, or simply require an annual service. Get in touch today to discuss how Blackpool Boiler Installations can cover your boiler and keep you warm all year round.

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