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Can a new boiler save me money?

With the constant innovations in modern technology, we’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier with a little electronic assistance: glasses with augmented reality displays, self-driving cars, and roomba self-guided vacuum cleaners, are just a few examples. While we’re not asking our boilers to drive us home (yet) we are asking, can a new boiler save you money?

The primary means a new boiler can save you money is through reduced energy bills, however, there are other ways too.

Grab a brew and read on…

Improved energy efficiency

The obvious savings to be made from installing a new boiler are, of course, due to greater efficiency.

Newer boilers have improved insulation, condensers, and optimisation technology that results in less fuel (oil or gas) being used to heat the water - and allow it to stay hotter for longer too.

Using less fuel has a direct and obvious impact on your monthly utility bill.

Improved Insulation

Look at a water pipe, and the insulation looks simple – it’s just some grey extruded foam.

The insulation within a new boiler, however, is harder to see.  Yet it is hiding some great advancements in heat retention that will help to lower your fuel usage.

This insulation is made from materials such as high density foam, ceramic fibre, or fibreglass, and are often installed in thicker layers, reducing heat transfer.

On older boilers, only a small portion of the boiler was insulated - newer boilers have complete casing insulation ensuring the whole unit retains its’ warmth.


If you look at a boiler exhaust outside on a cold day, you’ll notice plumes of water vapour escaping like a steam train waiting at a station.

Improvements in condensing technology captures the latent heat held in this steam, preventing its escape, and retaining the otherwise lost heat.

Optimisation Technology

A new boiler will most likely come fitted with digital controls allowing you to set timers for the boiler to switch on and off and engage “holiday modes”.

Couple this with a smart thermostat which uses clever programming and advanced learning algorithms, and you’ve got a powerful system that is able to optimise the boiler heating schedules - meaning it’s only on when you need it.

So, for example if you’re out for the day, or if the weather outside is warmer than anticipated, it won’t heat more water than it needs to.

Reduced Maintenance

Think of a classic car, or a period property. They have a charm about them and have stood the test of time, however, they hardly tick over with minimal maintenance.

They require constant attention and are more prone to breakdown or deterioration.

Your old boiler is no different.

An old boiler will need more frequent repairs and regular servicing, particularly if internal parts become blocked or corroded, and even more so if the rest of the central heating system such as radiators and plumbing is of a similar age (where old, corroded internals can produce a sludge that travels throughout your central heating system, degrading every component as it progresses and reducing water flow).

A new boiler will of course consist of brand new parts and will come with a manufacturer's warranty too, as long as it has been fitted by a reputable installer.

All being well, you should only expect to have to pay for a quick annual service rather than the extensive ongoing repairs associated with an older boiler. And service plans are available to spread the cost of ongoing servicing.

While there is a clear initial cost associated with a new boiler, you’ll save money after just a few years by not having to shell out for repairs.

Here’s some examples of common repairs to help illustrate the point:

Ignition or Pilot Light Issues. Estimated Repair Cost: £100- £300

Issues with the ignition system or pilot light can prevent the boiler from starting or cause the boiler to repeatedly shut down.

Pump Problems. Estimated Repair Cost: £150- £500

If you’ve got issues with your pump or circulation system, you can expect to see poor heat distribution and low water pressure throughout the system - resulting in tepid or cold radiators.

Leaky Pressure Relief Valve. Estimated Repair Cost: £100- £200

The pressure relief valve released excess pressure from the boiler, so it’s crucial that it functions properly. If the valve is blocked, leaky or otherwise faulty it may need to be replaced.

Problematic Thermostat. Estimated Repair Cost: £80- £200

When a thermostat is malfunctioning, your boiler may not switch on when needed, or the water temperatures achieved may be inconsistent.  Again, resulting in poor central heating and unreliable hot water.

Non-functioning Diverter Valve. Estimated Repair Cost: £150- £400

The diverter valve is another crucial component within your boiler; it controls whether the hot water flows to the central heating system or hot water outlets. A faulty diverter valve may need to be replaced or repaired.

Expansion Vessel Faults. Estimated Repair Cost: £150- £300

Much like the pressure release valve, the expansion vessel counteracts excess pressure within the heating system; it does this by expanding and absorbing the pressure. These vessels may leak or generally lose functionality, meaning they need to be replaced.

Blocked Condensate Pipe. Estimated Repair Cost: £100- £200

The condensate pipe allows the acidic water from within the boiler to escape. These pipes may become blocked over time, and frequently freeze over the winter - either scenario may cause the boiler to shut down, requiring unblocking or replacement if damaged.

These are some of the most common repairs, and they can happen more than once, so it’s easy to see how costs for maintenance or an elderly boiler can escalate over the years, and surpass the cost of a new boiler.

How Can a New Boiler Save You Money? So Many Ways!

A new boiler is appealing for many reasons.

They look smarter, occupy a smaller amount of space, and come with lots of handy features to ensure your home is warm and hot water is dependable.

With their improvements in efficiency, and lowered maintenance costs, a new boiler saves you money too.  So, there’s little reason to stick with your old boiler for yet another year! Get in touch today to find out how we can install a new boiler in your home and put some money in your back pocket.   Get an instant online quote or call us on 01253 422 343.

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