is it worth having your boiler serviced?
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Should we have our boiler serviced? Feb 2022

Is It Worth Having Your Boiler Serviced?

With the cost of living at an all-time high, many of us in the UK are looking at ways to tighten our belts. Should we go vegetarian? Do I buy budget toilet paper? Is it worth having your boiler serviced?

Out of the three questions posed above, there’s only one that gets a yes (going veggie can indeed save you money each month but 1, it’s not much fun and 2, we’re not dieticians, so wouldn’t want to advise either way. Plus you should never, ever scrimp on toilet roll).

In this quick article we’ll explain why a boiler service is a must-have, and how it can actually save you money too.

What’s included in a boiler service?

Much like a service of your car, a boiler service entails a general health check, diagnosis of any niggling issues, and the replacement of worn, damaged, or faulty parts, as well as identification of any issues that could be posing a health risk.

So, is it worth having your boiler serviced? Here are five reasons why the answer is a resounding yes. We’re confident that after reading this article you’ll be the ones convincing us why we should be having our boilers serviced.

Want to prove us wrong? Read on.

Health Check

When you have your boiler serviced by a qualified professional, you’re having a comprehensive inspection carried out at the same time. This will include checking for any water or gas leaks, worn, blocked, broken, or damaged parts, or parts that could potentially fail and cause problems further down the line.

In a lot of cases the service engineer will identify problems you didn’t even know your boiler had, as many issues will be lurking within the ‘do not touch’ casing of your boiler.

Increased Efficiency

A boiler service may include, as mentioned above, replacement of worn out or damaged parts. This could involve parts that are corroded or blocked, the cleaning of which will mean that your boiler is able to heat water more efficiently, decreasing the amount of time it takes to warm your central heating system, and using less electricity, gas, or oil as a result.

On an altruistic, eco-friendly level, an efficiently running boiler will produce a lot less CO2 than one which has not been serviced and as such is burning more fuel. While a conventional boiler which relies on combustion of fuel is never going to be an environmental activists favourite appliance, having it serviced regularly is the way to make the best of a not particularly environmentally friendly situation.

Verified Safety

If you’re asking is it worth getting your boiler serviced, safety is a big reason to go ahead and call the gas engineer. Unless you have an air or ground source heat pump installed, or boiler will need to burn either gas or oil in order to heat the water for your central heating and outlets.

Any appliances which are connected up to a ready supply of highly combustible fuel need to be inspected to ensure they don’t pose a risk to you or your loved ones (or even your neighbours).

A leaky gas boiler, for example, could result in an explosion capable of demolishing the entire building.  Or slightly less destructive, but just as deadly, leak poisonous carbon monoxide into the house. As carbon monoxide is both odourless and tasteless, you may not even notice this until it is too late.  However, the ‘milder’ symptoms of headaches, nausea, and dizziness would be good indicators.

Having your boiler serviced annually will help identify any potential or existing leaks, allowing them to be repaired and made safe straight away.

Insurer confidence

Many insurers these days will stipulate that your boiler must be serviced annually, as a condition of your house insurance; this will be outlined in more detail in your insurance policy.

Likewise, if you are sensible enough to have your boiler insured under warranty, it will be a stipulation that your boiler is serviced.

Failure to have your boiler serviced may render your warranty and/orinsurance void. So, is it worth getting your boiler serviced? It absolutely it is.

Financial Savings

Earlier in this article we mentioned how a boiler service will lead to increased efficiency. Not only is this good news on a practical, every-day level, but it’s also music to your wallet’s ears too.

You see, when your boiler is running optimally, it will burn a lot less fuel (oil or gas) in order to achieve the same, pre-serviced results. Using less fuel obviously means you’re paying for less fuel; in the current energy climate where gas and oil cost a small fortune, this increased efficiency will save you a lot of money year on year.

Not only this, but the health check and minor repairs included within your boiler service will help to prevent a larger scale breakdown or problem which may occur in time. Spending a hundred pounds, or so, every year to have your boiler serviced will cost a lot less than an entire boiler replacement and be a lot more convenient too (you can schedule a service around your diary - catastrophic boiler failures on the other hand tend to work to their own schedule).

Is it worth getting your boiler serviced? Financially, it is most certainly worth it.

So, Is it Worth Getting Your Boiler Serviced?


As you’ll now be confidently aware, there are lots of reasons why it makes perfect sense to have your boiler serviced regularly. Not only is it a great way to make sure you can enjoy plentiful heating and hot water whenever you need it but it also benefits the environment, keeps your insurers happy, and can even save you money in the long run.

So, to once and for all answer the question, is it worth getting your boiler serviced? Absolutely. You’d be crazy not to. So, to prove you’re not utterly bonkers, why not give us a call to get your boiler running in top condition… Or book in online?



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