How to Choose the Right Heating Engineer

Choosing the right business to carry out our new boiler can be a minefield. Who do we trust?

searching for a tradesperson can be tough, daunting and frustrating. but we have a few tips to make sure you don't get ripped off or fall the victim to a rogue trader.

When needing a new boiler for example we may be tempted to ask friends and family or put a random post out there on social media in order to find a good new boiler engineer. however sometimes we should be doing a little more than that, remember you are potentially spending thousands of pounds and letting these people in to your property so we want to find the most credible people for the job in hand.

here are our top 5 do's

1 - spend at least 15 minutes vetting the right candidates

a little research can go a long way

2 - check reviews (they should have at at least 100 great reviews and on at least 3 different platforms)

why? credible business's who do a great job want to shout about it, their customers will also want to shout about it. a small number of reviews could be from friends and family.

over 100 are likely to be genuine reviews.

the business should be on sites such as


which trusted trader

trust a trader


trust pilot



google reviews

3 - check they are a which? trusted trader

which? trusted traders get vetted, the business is checked for insurance, credentials, credibility, qualifications and testimonials


which 5 star trusted trader



4 - check they are gas safe registered

essential for anyone who is installing your new boiler

5 - watch at least 2 videos of them and their work

why? to see exactly what and who your getting. its 2022, gone are the days of wondering who's is turning up and if you can trust them. videos are everywhere. there is no excuse.


Use these tips to help you make the right choice šŸ‘



here are our top 5 dont's

1 - don't put a random post on social media and listen to who has been tagged the most

this is a common mistake people make, why? just because someone has been tagged in a post doesn't mean they are fit for purpose.

A- who is doing the tagging? can you trust them?

B - is the person doing the tagging a friend or family of the recommendation? that could be why they are being recommended and not because of they know first hand how good they are.

2 - Don't employ anyone without checking them out first

check personal and business page on social media. make sure there is visible proof they are fit for purpose

3 - Don't employ a trade without checking they can do the job in hand

anyone can say they can do the job, but how do you know? you should be able to see evidence of this on a website and social channels

4 - be wary of "cash in hand" requests

yes believe it or not its still a thing, its basically tax dodging, but some trades still only take cash. this leaves the customer vulnerable. they should have flexible payment optionsĀ 

5 - Do not employ a trade without a a paper trailĀ 

a paper trail gives you peace of mind and a warranty.

you should have professional quote and professional invoice




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