How to fill my Worcester Bosch boiler pressure

Sometimes your boiler pressure can drop and your Worcester Bosch combi boiler will flash a fault code, this can easily be rectified by yourself in order to get your combi boiler working again,

If you have a more recent Worcester Bosch combi boiler then the chances are you will have an easy keyless filling link attached to the boiler, this is very useful for topping up Your Worcester Bosch boiler pressure.

If you have a Worcester Bosch 2000, 4000 or 8000 model then there is a high chance you have this blue easy filling link to help you top up your boiler pressure.

watch our video on how to top up and fill your Worcester Bosch boiler pressure



regular topping up and filling of your Worcester Bosch combi boiler pressure can cause bad corrosion

Of course if your boiler is losing pressure more than once every three months then you should call your local heating engineer as there may be an underlined issue which needs to be rectified to make sure your combi boiler lasts as long as possible and don't breakdown.

Topping up your boiler pressure more than twice per year can have catastrophic results for your boiler, did you know that every time you top up your combi boiler you are adding fresh water to the system which , when mixed with the dissimilar metals on your system can cause severe system corrosion, this corrosion blocks up the boiler with rust and the inside of your radiators can rust, flake away and get blocked up.

This means you may need to replace your radiators and boiler far sooner than you would expect, these pictures below highlight severe corrosion caused by over filling of your combi boiler.

Of course if you need to book a site visit to help with your boiler then we are more than happy to help.

over top up combi boiler


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