How to use an EPH combi pack 4 thermostat

EPH combi pack 4

These are one of the most popular programmable room thermostats for your new boiler, but as with all things digital we sometimes need a little help learning how to use them,

The thermostat for your central heating system is used to control the heating in your home. Depending on your needs, you can set your thermostat to a preferred temperature and be confident that it will work to regulate this temperature.

For example, if your home’s temperature drops below your chosen ideal temperature, your thermostat will switch the heating on to warm it up. When your temperature has reached the desired point, the thermostat will then turn the heating off to prevent overheating and wasted energy.


Watch this video for a full walkthrough of how to use the EPH Combi pack 4




Digital thermostat
Digital thermostats are a popular choice. They look better, they’re easier to control and usually come with more features.  Although they are a little more expensive going digital will enable you to get a more accurate reading.

Digital thermostats usually have a panel that can lift up to reveal more dials and features, including buttons to set times and different temperatures. When programmed correctly, you’ll save energy and increase your levels of comfort.


Of course should you need any help with your control, or would like to have a new control installed then book online with Blackpool Boiler Installations

more information on thermostats, including the different types can be found on our controls page

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