The Top 5 Boilers in 2022

Choosing a new boiler can be difficult. It's something we might only do every decade or so. Here’s our top 5 boilers 2022

This is a quick guide and is our opinion on the installation, service and reliability of these boilers.

he list below is in no way in order of preference.  All the boiler brands listed below are established manufacturers in the UK with great reputation.

Worcester Bosch
Boiler manufacturers like Viessmann, Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are trusted names not just within the UK and Europe, but all around the world.  They are known as premium, top of the line boiler brands.

Whereas brands like Ideal and Baxi fall in the affordable or cheap boiler category.

So, do we have a definite answer for which boiler is best among the ones listed above?  Not really.

We have based our opinion on not only the ease of installation and service from an engineers point of view but also the reliability, technology and energy saving for customers,  so you can make an educated, informed decision.  At the end of the day, the decision to buy a boiler should be driven by facts, figures, unbiased reviews over personal preference.

A lot of people make emotional decisions based on national pride, old reputation or word of mouth opinions not backed up by facts.

Having said all of that, there are always subtle differences below the surface which make some boiler brands stand out from the crowd.  Our job is to illustrate those differences and make the buying decision easier for you, so that it’s clear which boiler is best.

How Did We Pick the Best Combi Boilers?

we considered the following factors:

Warranty period offered by the brand - a key sign of how long the boiler will last
The overall reputation of the brand based on customer reviews
Trustpilot reviews
Awards and accolades e.g. Which? Best Buy Awards
Customer service performance
The price range of their boilers
Efficiency ratings

Watch our quick guide video here


NUMBER 1- Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler (BEST BOILERS)

Worcester Bosch has been one of the best selling boiler brands in the UK boiler market for decades, earning a solid reputation among both installers and customers and holding the Which? Best Buy Award for 10 years and counting.

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 series and lifestyle is one of the brand's latest innovations, replacing their far-best-ever-selling boiler, the Greenstar i.

Main features of the Worcester Bosch combi Boiler:
Designed to have a quieter operation than the Greenstar i
Compatible with all Worcester Bosch controls and third-party controllers such as Hive, Nest, tado etc.
Ideal for small and medium-sized homes and even large homes with a 40-50kw option available
Easy access with removable side panels
6 - 12-year guarantee on parts and labour (when purchased via Blackpool Boiler Installations)
ErP rating 98%: A-rated

Hydrogen ready - for the next generation of fuel for your new boiler 


worcester boch combi boiler


NUMBER 2 - Baxi combi boilers (2nd best boiler brand)

Baxi combi boiler are a cupboard size boiler and suit most property types, they are a decent price and a great all round boiler, baxi usense controls and compatible with the usual smart controls.

reliable boiler and easy to maintain.

warranty ranges come from 2-10 years with the Baxi 800 being the most popular model.

baxi boilers



NUMBER 3 - Ideal Combi Boilers (3rd Best boiler brand)

Ideal combi boiler might just be the ideal boiler for your home.

Ideal boilers have been a mainstay in the British boiler market for what seems like an eternity.

Ideal is all about inclusivity and range – their combi boilers range from budget to bedazzling and everything in between meaning they cater to the folks funding their boiler replacement with change found down the side of their couches, as well as those looking for the best boiler money can buy

ideal combi boilers


NUMBER 4 - Vaillant Combi Boilers (4th Best combi boilers)

Another proud owner of a Which? Best Buy award and a huge player in the British boiler market. Vaillant is a time served and well-respected boiler manufacturer and certainly amongst the premium contenders.

Vaillant combi boilers are made in the UK to impeccably high standards, they’re already in a staggering amount of UK homes, offer excellent warranties, and are loved by boiler installers too.

2-5 years warranty

vaillant boilers


NUMBER 5 - Viessmann Combi Boilers (5th best boiler)

Viessmann is already an astronomical force in the European boiler market and also leads the way in commercial boiler installations.

Now they’re here to bestow their majestic German engineering upon the UK domestic market providing your home with a new boiler so good, you can forget about it for good this time.

Why do we think Viessmann offers the best combi boilers?

10-year warranty (when purchased via Blackpool Boiler Installations).
State of the art German engineering - no plastic or rubber components (like some competitors).
Patented Inox Radial Stainless Steel Heat exchanger (not aluminium found in inferior brands).
Hydrogen ready - for the next generation of fuel.

viessmann combi boiler


Best combi boiler in terms of Awards 
Who, What, Why, Where, When, Which?

Who is Which? anyway?

Which? are an independent consumer advice platform that offers UK homeowners and consumers impartial advice on an array of products and services. They are undeniably well informed and absolutely love question marks.

Some special products, of high birth and royal blood, even manage to secure themselves a prestigious nod from the mighty Which – the Which? Best Buy Award, with Worcester Bosch having held that title for 10 consecutive years.

You can check the latest deals on Worcester Bosch boilers here.


worcester boch logo



They use their annual boiler survey to award the best boiler, which is based on feedback from thousands of UK installers and homeowners.

Getting yourself a bargain boiler is one thing. But getting yourself a well-priced Which? Best Buy boiler is like dropping the bandit.

Best budget combi boilers
Main eco compact

ideal instinct


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a combi boiler & how does it work? 
Coldwater is fed into the combi boiler directly from the mains water supply, the gas fuel is then burned to produce heat, which is transferred from the combustion chamber to the water via the heat exchanger.

Your home’s thermostat is able to detect the temperature in your home and when it detects your property's temperature has dropped, it is able to send a signal to the boiler. In response, the boiler will fire up, heat the water and pump it through the system to the radiators.

Once the desired temperature has been achieved, the boiler will reduce its heat output and maintain the status quo, helping to reduce energy waste, while keeping your home warm.

If someone uses a hot tap within the home, or another hot water outlet such as the shower, a component within the boiler called the diverter valve will divert hot water to the taps while they are in use.

Once the tap is turned off, the diverter will be restored to the central heating position. Hot water can be directed to the central heating or the water outlets, but never both simultaneously.

You can learn more about how combi boilers work in our comprehensive what is a combi boiler guide.

Want to learn about the future of heating in the UK? Check out the latest innovation in hydrogen boilers.

Advantages of combi boilers
If you don’t already have a combi boiler, then you might feel left out and be wondering what all the fuss is about.

But we can reliably inform you that a combi boiler does indeed, live up to the hype.

They provide instant hot water for both your central heating and hot water demands. You might call them a com-bi. It loves both.

But it’s not just having the ease of instant hot water without having to give a giant metal tank one hours’ notice before you want a bath as though Robocop was your butler.

A combi boiler is also remarkably efficient at heating the water – up to 98% efficient.

That makes it superior to immersion heaters.

The efficiency offered by a combi isn’t just a lovely number though, it can make you some outrageous savings on your energy bills – savings you’ll actually notice in monetary value, not like the saving between Asda and Tesco on petrol.

They’re also much kinder to the environment so the birds outside your house choking on Monster Munch packaging have one less thing to worry about.

Combi boilers vs system boilers 
Are you unsure whether you should choose a combi boiler or a system boiler?

The biggest factor in determining whether you will need a combi or a system boiler is your home's hot water demands.

Are multiple bathrooms going to be used at the same time? The system is advised...

If you have a growing family and are likely to be using multiple bathrooms simultaneously, then a system boiler is likely the way to go.

However, for most other circumstances, a combi boiler is advised...


They have a range of power options
Extremely efficient
Easy to repair and maintain
No other components are at risk of failing
Still not sure which boiler is right for you? Check our guide all about the types of boilers.

Cost of combi boiler installation
The cost of a new central heating boiler is dependent on a variety of different factors, these include the following:

The type of boiler you have installed e.g. combi, regular or system.
The boiler model you choose e.g. mid or premium range.
If you want to relocate your boiler e.g. from the garage to the attic.
If you want to convert your boiler e.g. from combi to regular.
Any add-ons you purchase e.g. magnetic filters, smart controls etc.
Check the latest prices on our combi boilers here.

One of the most common and straightforward types of central heating boiler installations is a straightforward combi swap i.e. replacing your old combi with a new combi. This is much simpler than replacing a combi with a system boiler.

This is due to conversions being more complex to install, taking more time, requiring more labour and more materials. More everything.

The boiler model you choose also has an impact on the cost and at Blackpool Boiler Installations we offer more value-orientated brands such as Ideal and Main , as well as award-winning, premium brands such as Worcester Bosch and Viessmann.

Read our full guide on determining the cost of a new boiler here.

Best Combi Boiler: Conclusion 
How can you get the best deal on a new combi boiler in 2022?

Without boasting, get your new boiler quote and buy from us, here’s why:

Expert Gas Safe installation
Thousands of happy customers and hundreds of top reviews
Multiple payment options - interest-free available
12-year guarantee
Fixed price guarantee – no hidden costs


you can always book a site survey too by clicking here 




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