back to work post covid – safety for you and us
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Back to work post-Covid – safety for you and us

Lockdown’s easing and the country’s beginning the long journey back to normal. But understandably, many people are concerned that things might be easing just a little too quickly. They’re worried about going out, meeting strangers – and they’re especially wary about inviting new people into their home.

We’re very aware of that at ABD. We haven’t stopped working throughout the pandemic, but we’ve been early adopters of saftey precautions from the very beginning. Since lockdown began on 23 March, we took advice on the safest approach to working in people’s homes – and we’ve been improving and updating it ever since.

All of our plumbers and boiler engineers are equipped with sutiable PPE – both for their safety and for yours. They wear disposable gloves while they’re on your premises and of course, face masks. And despite the reduction of the safe distance from 2m to 1m, we’ll always aim to stick to the longer distance wherever possible.

All our people have had training to help them reduce their exposure to touching of surfaces unnecessarily and at the end of every job, they’ll wipe down the entire area with disinfectant. So you can get back into your bathroom, kitchen or toilet with confidence that it’s as clean and safe after the job as it was before it.

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