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Support Your Community Through Local Businesses

In the past two to three years, the UK has seen its fair share of hard times. People from all walks of life have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, far-off wars causing global crises, and recently, the death of our now former Reigning Monarch. Throughout all of these difficult times, one thing has shone through like a beacon - our local communities. In a culture of self-independence and abundance, the network of neighbours around us is easily overlooked. In this special article, we will look at how you can support your community through local businesses.

Love Thy Neighbour

These days, it’s easy to forget about those around us. Most of us have our own cars, live in our own homes (rather than shared), and are so preoccupied with the 9-5 and grind of life that it simply doesn’t occur to us that we can influence, and be influenced by, the people around us.

There’s a lot of value in our local communities. Volunteer groups and charities fly under the radar a lot of the time.  However, the work that they do is instrumental in supporting young people, the vulnerable, those in financial need, or those who may be struggling to cope with life.

As we’ve already said though, it’s all too easy to focus on your own goals and objectives, or simply make ends meet. Once you’ve gone to work, or tended to the kids for the day, understandably the last thing on your mind is likely to be going out of your way to volunteer at a youth club, assist at the food bank, or clean up after a local event.

Luckily however, there is a simple way to support your community - without even leaving the house.

Support Your Community the Easy Way

You can support your community through a mechanism which leverages your personal needs, and the range of local businesses in your area.

This sounds complicated, but it’s just a fancy way of saying, use local businesses and traders whenever you’re tempted to use a larger, national company who doesn’t have your local interests at heart.

Doing this supports your local community due to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts that the businesses in your area may engage in. For example, this could include sponsoring events such as concerts or competitions, sponsoring sports teams, assisting in local events for free, or a host of other ways to give back to the community.

Using a local trader helps them to finance and fulfil their CSR objectives and gives you the satisfaction that you too are supporting good causes around you.

Of course, the other knock on-effect of using a local business is that the money you pay for things such as building work, your daily coffee, a garden tidy-up, or household maintenance (the list goes on) goes straight back into your local economy - rather than into the pockets of the far-away shareholders of national companies.

Blackpool Boilers - Doing Our Bit

At Blackpool Boilers we understand the value of the people in the community around us. We love the work that the various organisations and charities do to help those in need. To this end, we put our heads together to determine how we too could give back and support our community.

We are proud to say that since September 2022 we have sponsored the Lytham Junior Blues under 12 football team. With our support we’ve made sure the team are using the very best, updated equipment and look the part in their new kit.

We’re also sponsoring a ‘Player of The Match’ trophy, to be awarded after every game - to encourage each team member to give their best.

By using Blackpool Boilers as your go-to for all your central heating and boiler requirements, you automatically support your community.

Get The Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

Times are hard, and not everyone has excess money to give, or spare time to devote to helping good causes. But this doesn’t remove our desire to help somehow.

If you’re locally minded, and want a way to support your community, it’s easy. Just aim to use a local trader whenever you can - for example next time you need your boiler serviced. One way or another, you’ll be giving back the communities around you - so it won’t be just a tip-top central heating system giving you the warm and fuzzies!


Follow us throughout the new season and keep checking for updates along the way.

Of course if you need a new boiler then click here for your site survey or here for your instant price.


remember, by getting your new boiler and central heating work with us, it helps us put back in to the local community.

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