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Can I Get A New Boiler Quote Without A Site Survey?

It’s been said by many that we’re currently living in the age of convenience. Some would argue that we have been for some time with fast food delivered to our doorstep, contactless, wireless, annoyance-less tech, and smart everything. No wonder then that you can now have a new boiler quote without a site survey.

But is this a good idea? Why do you even need a survey? And what is the alternative? Read on to find out.

Why Bother with A Site Survey

Engaging with a heating engineer to carry out a survey is more than a tick-box exercise.

A survey will identify what your exact water heating requirements are, and the environment that it will be installed in… and, therefore, the type of boiler that will most closely meet your needs.

Not only this, but a survey will also identify any safety concerns or precautions which are not only a sensible idea and give you peace of mind, but also satisfy compliance with building project law (which boiler installation falls under).

On a practical note, the site survey will also examine the existing site infrastructure such as pipework, pumps, and heating appliances, in order to ensure compatibility with the heating solution that is installed.

So, all in all, a fairly essential first step in your new boiler journey.

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What’s The Alternative?

You may have read this and thought, quite justly, that this all sounds like a job for a specialist and, without this prior knowledge, the boiler replacement project is doomed to fail.

Well, in some ways you’re right.

Without a proper survey carried out, the boiler installation is likely to be a flop.

However, there are ways to achieve the objectives of a site survey without a heating engineer darkening your doorway.

You can receive a new boiler quote without a site survey.

An Online Survey

These can be as simple as filling in an online form, however, may also involve talking to a specialist.

All you have to do is answer some quick questions about your existing boiler and your home, for example your basic heating needs and requirements, the size or your property, the number of rooms within it, and how it is insulated.

Details about whether the property is detached, semi, bungalow, has a flat roof, etc, are all obtained at this point.

You may also be required to provide photos or video of your existing heating system and boiler location as this will help the surveyor get an idea of what he is dealing with.

Expect to provide information about the gas or oil supply and availability, the flue system, and the proposed location for the new boiler.

Finally, you may be asked about additional features that you may know you want - and some that you’re less aware of - such as smart programming controls, and temperature monitoring.

After providing this information you’ll be given some recommendations for the most suitable boiler systems that will meet and exceed your needs.

Within these suggestions will be quotes for supplying and fitting.

Online quoting is so simple, you can specify and quote for a boiler and have it fitted within a few days.

Video Surveys

If an online form doesn’t float your boat, but you still like the convenience of not leaving the house…a video survey may just be what you’re looking for.

A video survey is carried out between you and the installation company and involves the use of a video conferencing app installed on a mobile or tablet.

Get ready to feel like a museum guide as you’ll be giving the heating engineer a guided tour of your home, showing off attractions such as the existing boiler, the must-see radiators, and let’s not forget, the flue and thermostat.

You’ll also likely be asked to provide close-up views of certain components and areas of the boiler so that the installation engineer gets all the information that they need.

You may be asked to take measurements of the existing boiler, the area that it is in, and nearby walls or other clearances that must be considered.

Similar to the online survey, you’ll be asked key information about your property such as the number of rooms, size, insulation type, the hot water demand, and any other requirements that you might have.

Again, like the online survey, you’ll need to provide information about the gas supply and meter location in order to ensure that these are accounted for within the new boiler specification- and accompanying quote.

Is It Sensible To Get A New Boiler Quote Without A Site Survey?

Having a new boiler installed without a survey of any kind would definitely be a foolhardy endeavour.

It would be like a ravenous vegan with a nut allergy going to a gastro pub, saying “feed me” to the waiter and expecting the food to be nourishing, to their liking, and not make them keel over.

In other words…doomed to fail.

Luckily, however, aided particularly by video calling tech, the requirement for someone to physically enter your home, survey the site, take measurements, and interrupt your afternoon plans is long gone.

This not only means one less intrusion, but also a faster turn-around for the survey results, meaning you can get your new boiler, and all the benefits that come with it, quicker than ever.

Plus, if you live in a rural or remote location, you still receive the five-star treatment like our more accessible customers.

No more waiting for an engineer to travel to you, getting lost on the back roads, and arriving an hour late!

Blackpool Boiler Installations Remote Surveys

In this blog I’ve talked in general terms about the options available to you if you really don’t want a site survey carried out.

Here at Blackpool Boiler Installations, we’ll be happy to call round in order to carry out the survey.  However, if your time is precious, or you’re having a pyjama and slippers day, maybe our online quote service is for you.

You can get your new boiler quote without a site survey today - just hit this link. It takes less than 30 seconds to get started and means that you’re one step closer to a warmer, more efficient and comfortable home.

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