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Can I Have A Smart Thermostat Fitted?

We live in a Smart world

The first tech that became ‘smart’ was of course the mobile phone, but these days everything from your TV to your fridge has wi-fi connectivity enabling remote access and customisation. If you’re keen on your tech, you may well be asking if you can have a smart thermostat fitted.

The good news is that the answer is, in most cases - yes!

…But What Is A Smart Thermostat?

Let’s rewind a little.

What even is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is just like a conventional thermostat, in that it monitors the ambient temperature within your home and adjusts the way the boiler operates, primarily when it switches on and off, in order to maintain the optimum temperature which you desire.

That’s where the similarities end though.

All smart thermostats have wireless connectivity via wi-fi, Bluetooth, or other systems, enabling them to be integrated into the wider “smart home”.

This wireless connectivity allows remote access and control.

Most phones or devices are able to connect to a smart thermostat via an app or portal, enabling customisation and optimisation of heating settings, monitor energy usage, and set schedules.

The smart thermostat can also be operated physically using a user interface on the unit itself, often a touch screen or display.

Clearly there will be less functionality than when using the app or portal, but you’ll still be able to access temperature controls, settings, and schedules.


Advantages of Having A Smart Thermostat Fitted

A smart thermostat offers lots of advantages over a conventional thermostat, which hasn’t seen much in the way of recent innovation beyond a wireless link to the boiler.

One of the major selling points of a smart thermostat is lowering your utility bills, as most models are able to monitor your energy consumption and heating habits (that’s heating, not eating - thank goodness) and optimise when and how the boiler is active.

The great thing about wireless connectivity is that you can access your smart thermostat from anywhere in the world.

This means that, for example, once you’ve checked into your hotel in Malaga and remembered that you didn’t switch off the heating, you can remotely access the thermostat and shut your boiler down.

Or, you could be about to leave work on a particularly miserable wet day (which is about 90% of the time in the UK, let’s be honest) and quickly switch your central heating on early so that your home is nice and toasty when you arrive.

Cool Tech, Warm House

A smart thermostat is jam-packed with clever software that will optimise your central heating and lower your energy bills as a result. Here’s a few common features that will make your life easier:

Adaptive Learning

Your smart thermostat will use clever adaptive learning algorithms to learn your lifestyle and heating habits over time.

It sounds a little scary I’ll admit, but it’s useful.

Your smart thermostat can learn when you get up in the morning, when you go to work, when you arrive home, and when you go to bed.

Using this information, it can optimise your heating settings to ensure that your home is at the right temperature, all the time.


Achieving a similar result as the adaptive learning, some smart thermostats use geofencing technology in order to detect when you’re leaving or returning home.

It uses this information to adjust your heat settings - keeping the home warm for your arrival but switching the heating off while you’re out.

Weather Forecasting

It sounds unbelievable, but some smart thermostats can even monitor the weather in your local area and in turn adjust your heat settings.

If it’s going to be particularly cold outside, it will switch your heating on, or boost the temperature.

However if it’s unseasonably warm, it will wind the heating down in order to save you energy.

The Big Question - Can I Have A Smart Thermostat Fitted?

A smart thermostat can be fitted in most homes that already have a central heating system installed.

The age of the boiler is generally not an issue; however some may not be compatible for the following reasons:


A smart thermostat may require power from a common wire (C-wire).

Some boilers may not have this wiring, however, an electrician will be able to advise as to whether this can be added.


Some boilers may use very basic controls such as push button on-off switches.

In these cases, a smart thermostat will have a hard time connecting (imagine trying to connect an engine management diagnostic machine to a Model T Ford…you get the idea).

With no connection, your smart thermostat will have no control.


Older and more basic boilers may communicate with their existing thermostats in a way which is outdated or otherwise incompatible with a new, smart thermostat.

It’s a bit like they’re speaking different languages, however, while we can learn a new language, your boiler can’t, so this could mean game over.


As always, safety must be at the forefront of any major decision regarding your boiler (as I’ve said before, the combination of electricity, fuel, and water all in one appliance makes them a hazardous piece of kit).

One limitation in particular may be the absence of a safety cut-off feature on the boiler. Without one, it wouldn’t be safe or wise to control your boiler remotely.

The good news is that most boilers these days are new enough to not be affected by these limitations – and so you should be able to enjoy the benefits of remote access central heating as soon as you’re ready!

You Little Smarty

With every innovation for the home that reduces the cost of living, the right time to jump on board was yesterday.

There are many smart thermostat options available, from notable brands like Hive, Nest, and Bosch.  And with models costing as low as £50, they’re an inexpensive way to live more economically and efficiently.

If you’re ready to have a smart thermostat fitted, so are we. Get in touch and we’ll get you started right away!




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