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Do we need an Annual Boiler Service?

Annual Boiler Service – why do you need them?


In those (ever so slightly) warmer months during British summer time, we can all be guilty of forgetting that big white box that lives in a kitchen cupboard, under the stairs, or in the loft.  But you really can’t afford to forget to arrange your annual boiler service.

Our boilers are our best friends during winter, friends that we most certainly couldn’t live without. But in the summer, it’s a completely different story.

Just because you don’t rely on your boiler as much when it’s a little warmer, doesn’t mean you should neglect it completely.

After all, when the winter kicks back in we’ll need our friend more than ever.

With many houses only using their boilers for hot water during the summer, certain functions are turned off and not thought about until the temperature starts to drop!

So, after months of downtime, what happens when you surprise your boiler on a cold night in late September?

Over a period of time not in use, your boiler can accumulate dirt and other deposits making it less efficient when you turn it back on.

There might even be pressure issues which can be a direct result of the system having pressure put on the inner workings - stress placed on parts and pipes – this can in turn result in broken pumps, valves, and joints.

Not the best start to autumn.

Research shows that there are more emergency callouts to boiler breakdowns in early October than at any other point of the year, which is no coincidence.

This is why the summer is the perfect time to get a boiler service, making sure you’re prepared for when the cold returns – and with the British weather as it is, that could be sooner than you think!

Keep your boiler in tip-top condition with an annual service from Blackpool Boiler Installations and avoid costly repairs when you need it the most.


viessmann boiler service


Do new boilers require servicing?


For two main reasons.

✅ Firstly, the manufacturer’s warranty will only remain valid if you have evidence that you have had the boiler serviced annually.

✅The second reason is to ensure the boiler remains running at its most efficient, keeping your bills as low as possible, and to prolong the boiler’s life.  A boiler which has been looked after regularly since installation will remain more efficient for longer.


What are the tell-tale signs you need a boiler service?


It’s easy to ignore niggling issues with your heating – especially during the summer months – but they could be a sign your boiler is heading for disaster.

To avoid a complete breakdown, you should get your boiler checked in order to save you money in the long run.






Here are our five tell-tale signs your boiler maybe in need of a boiler service:

✅It needs frequent repairs

✅If your boiler is breaking a lot and needs regular repairs, the likelihood is that it’s time for a new one.

✅You don’t want to be throwing good money after bad, and with potential savings of 35% on your bills with a new and efficient model, you will be saving yourself significant amounts in the future.

✅Parts are tricky to source

This means that you have an old model which is not manufactured anymore, making sourcing spare parts difficult and more expensive.

Upgrading to a more efficient boiler will save you money on expensive repairs as well as reducing your gas bill.

✅Your house is not warming up as it should

If you’ve noticed that your house isn’t warming up as it should or your gas bill has increased more than anticipated, it probably means that your boiler has become old and inefficient.


Your boiler’s efficiency may be improved with a service, but it could be a sign that it is reaching the end of its life and needs replacing.

A Blackpool Boiler Installations engineer will be able to diagnose the problem and provide you with all the options available to you.

Your hot water supply is unreliable and heats up slowly

This again suggests that your boiler is getting older and less efficient.

Malfunctioning hot water can sometimes be due to pressure issues, and a Blackpool Boiler Installations engineer will be able to tell you whether this is the case or if it is a sign your boiler is breaking down.



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You have noticed strange noises or leakages

These are signs that your boiler is struggling or malfunctioning. If you suspect your boiler is leaking – especially gas – you need to seek immediate help.


What’s the cost of a boiler service?
This is a question we’re asked a lot. And the answer is £65 + VAT.

A boiler service carried out by an engineer should take around 1 hour, or less, and cost you no more than around £65 + VAT for a service.

We also offer a Premium boiler service for £99+ VAT, to see what this includes, please visit our Boiler Service Plans.   Here you will see how you can split the cost of your boiler maintenance into low monthly payments – and we’ll remind you when the service is due rather than you having to think about it.

During the service, your engineer will:

●      Check everything is working efficiently

●      Thoroughly clean your system

●      Assess the performance of your boiler

●      Test the flue for safe emissions

●      Carry out gas pressure tests to check for leaks

You shouldn’t be charged extra for the call out or the cleaning/maintenance of your boiler system. Where possible, try to agree on the cost in advance rather than leaving it until the engineers have done their work. You may wind up having to pay an hourly fee, which can be expensive – not with us of course!

Servicing your boiler can be one of the most effective ways to minimise the risk of your boiler breaking down and being left in a situation where you have a bill to pay to repair or to replace your boiler completely. A boiler service brings you peace of mind and a sense of security for the upcoming Autumn and winter season ahead.

Futureproof your home with a boiler service

With the cooler months just around the corner it is (and the looming energy price increases) it is more important than ever to futureproof your heating by being proactive and arranging a boiler service.

We want to ensure your boiler operates safely and at maximum efficiency all year round.  here’s why you can trust us to complete your boiler service:

●     Local, family-run business 📲

●     All work completed by Gas Safe Engineers 👍

●     Clear, competitive pricing - with no hidden charges 😎

●     Five-star customer service ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


To book your boiler service call us on 01253 422343 or to find out more about our Boiler Care Plans, please click here.


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