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How long does a combi boiler last?

In this day and age, with ever escalating costs of just about everything, and seemingly poorer and poorer build quality of even the most expensive life essentials (how long do new cars last before the engine management light comes on?), one thing is for certain - it’s now more important than ever to get our money’s worth from our investments and expenses. Naturally then, if you are considering one or already have one, you may ask how long does a combi boiler last?

Thankfully, a healthy amount of time if you…

Look After You Combi Boiler

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: your boiler and central heating system need to be looked after and maintained, just like any other complex machinery or equipment.


Here are my top tips for looking after your boiler and maximising its service life.


1.   Regular Servicing

An annual service of your combi boiler is a lot like servicing your car.

When professionally serviced your boiler system will be cleaned and inspected, with various components tested to ensure that they function correctly.

Any potential issues with your central heating system can also be identified early, preventing bigger issues from catching you out further down the line.

Your boiler engineer should also place a sticker on your boiler detailing their name, the date of service, and the date for the next service.

If you want to know exactly what goes in to your boiler service then watch our video below 

2.   Bleed Your Radiators

Cold or tepid radiators, or ones which have cold areas, usually need to be bled.

Bleeding is straightforward and involves removing any trapped air from within the radiator.

Doing this will mean that the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard in order to warm your house.

A radiator with an easier life will inevitably last longer as a result.


3.   Maintain Pressure

You should regularly check the pressure gauge on your boiler.

If the pressure is too low, you can have a go at topping up the water level (see my other blog about boiler filling loops).

If it is too high, there may be a more serious problem and you should consult with a professional heating engineer.

Ensuring your boiler is running at the appropriate water pressure will reduce wear and tear, maintaining the service life.


4.   Lookout for Leaks

Keep an eye out for damp areas under your boiler, or a build up of mould on the boiler cupboard walls, as this usually indicates a leak.

Keep on top of fault finding and identification to catch issues before they become serious and damage your boiler.


5.   Not Suitable For Home Freezing

When it comes to vulnerable plumbing and pipework, cold weather is not your friend.

Frozen pipes can burst, or block drainage or exhausts from your boiler - preventing them from working properly.

Ensure your boiler and pipework is properly insulated and, in seriously cold areas, consider trace heating systems which will keep your pipes warm even in the coldest weather.


6.   Listen and Look

A poorly boiler often tries to tell you that something is wrong by either banging, gurgling, or whistling at you (it won’t shout oi oi! at you though, you’ll be pleased to know).

If you notice any of these unusual sounds, it may be time to inspect it in order to repair any issues and ensure the longevity of your boiler.

Similarly, monitor the overall boiler performance.

If you note sudden drops in temperature, slow heating of radiators, or forced shut-downs, there may be other issues afoot which you should get checked out.


How to Extend The Life Of Your Boiler

Besides these boiler-owner-basics, there are additional practices that you can carry out which will maximise the lifespan of your boiler and get the highest return on your investment.

One thing you can try is a water treatment program which can involve either the use of chemicals, or the installation of a magnetic filter, that will remove impurities and also prevent the accumulation of scale and corrosion inside your pipes and boiler. This will not only extend the lifespan of your boiler, but also your radiators - and make them more effective too.

You may also want to consider a smart thermostat.

These programmable gadgets allow you to regulate the temperature throughout your home by means of setting when the boiler fires up and when it takes a break, reducing unnecessary wear and tear.

A smart thermostat can also be used to sustain a comfortable, yet energy efficient temperature - rather than frequently switching the boiler on and off.

As on/off cycling of your boiler can put extra strain on the boiler, this simple running regime will help keep your boiler in good mechanical health.

Good housekeeping is more than a magazine for the middle aged - it can also help maximise your boiler's service life.

Keeping the area around the boiler clean and free of dust and debris can prevent overheating as well as maintain the operational efficiency. Give the area a wipe down or vacuum in order to maintain airflow and ventilation.

Similarly, ensuring vents and flues are clear of obstructions will ensure proper ventilation, thus dissipating heat and reducing the risk of overheating - both of which would be bad news for your boiler!

Finally (and this tip is for the ultra- organised), keep a record of the boiler maintenance, as well as servicing and repairs. This will enable you to remain aware of the boilers’ history and identify any recurring trends or problems.


So…How Long Does A Combi Boiler Last?

There is no “average” service life of a combi boiler, as there are so many factors which can affect them, such as the build quality of the boiler from the factory, quality of installation, extent of maintenance, and also the amount of use that the boiler has had.

This being said, a properly maintained combi boiler can last between ten and fifteen years.

If you’re upgrading from a prehistoric relic of a boiler, with a poor efficiency and ever-increasing repairs required, a new combi boiler may be exactly what you’re looking for, reducing your monthly bills as well as giving you peace of mind and reliable heating.

Not only this, but over the lifespan of the boiler, you can expect to recoup the initial supply and installation costs too.

So, how long does a combi boiler last?

Long enough to get your money’s worth…isn’t that what you’re really asking?  Give us a call today if we can help you with any aspect of boiler servicing, repairs, or installation on 01253 422343, get a quote online, or check out our low cost Boiler Care Plans so you never have to worry again.

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