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Why will I need a site survey before fitting a new boiler?

There’s a common phrase used in project management which says this: “fail to prepare…prepare to fail”.

This is true for all projects such as building extensions, refurbishments, and mere redecorating.  if you don’t take the time to consider the things that will influence the success of a project, you’re going to come across issues almost from the get-go.

This is one of the many reasons why you’ll need a site survey before fitting a new boiler

Who does the site survey?

The survey itself is carried out by qualified heating engineers or boiler installers - so it’s likely that whoever you’re engaging with to install your new boiler will also be able to do this initial legwork.

When you’re choosing your engineer, make sure they’re on the Gas Safe Register - this is a legal requirement in the UK.

Why do I need a site survey before fitting a new boiler?

The main reason why you need to have a site survey is to ensure that the new boiler you choose will be the correct model for the hot water demands that are required, and also to ensure compatibility with any existing infrastructure (pipes, radiators, under floor heating, etc).

Safety is also a key concern; the new installation must be safely installed and fit for purpose.

However, ensuring that all parties are aware of any safety issues and measures required to be put in place will contribute toward compliance with the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations - which place responsibilities upon everyone involved with the project, including the customer.

What Does a Site Survey Involve?

A site survey takes into consideration everything you’ll need to know before selecting your new boiler and having it fitted.

Existing System Assessment

The surveyor will evaluate the existing central heating system. They’ll look at the layout, pipework and any associated infrastructure or components. This assessment will enable them to determine whether the new boiler can slot smoothly into the current setup, or if the system will need additional modifications or upgrades beyond the boiler itself.

Capacity Considerations

As you may already know, not all boilers are the same, or created equal.

There are many variations, sizes, and capacities allowing the perfect boiler to be specified for each project. A site survey helps to determine the required boiler size and heating capacity demanded by the property.

There are several factors that are considered when making this judgement such as the overall size of the property, number of occupants, the patterns of hot water usage (i.e. when it will be required and for how long), as well as how well insulated the property is.

“Rules and Regs”

As I mentioned earlier, ensuring the new installation is safe is a crucial requirement. We realise this is the boring ‘stuff’ but we have to explain so you have the full picture.

The site survey helps installers to identify any potential or immediate safety hazards, or elements of the setup which may cause compliance issues (cause the installation to fail to comply with regulations).

The findings of the survey are used to ensure that the proposed location for the new boiler complies with necessary safety regulations, clearances (distances) from combustible materials, and ventilation requirements.

Ensuring that all potential hazards have been identified and mitigated against is a key responsibility under the CDM regulations and, while the site survey is unlikely to identify every hazard associated with the entire project, it will contribute toward fulfilment of this duty.

As the customer (property owner/person engaging with the installers) you must ensure that the site (your property) is safe and that everyone involved in the project is aware of what the hazards are - so communication of the site survey findings is a sensible action to take.


You may be aware of an MTV programme called “Pimp My RIde”, where people would have their clapped-out jalopies modernised and transformed into a high tech and luxurious conveyance.

In order to succeed, however, they couldn’t just slot a new engine, sound system, and seats into the old car - they had to make sure everything else in the car would work in harmony with the new equipment, sometimes replacing 90% of the car's interior or mechanical parts.

Your new boiler is actually quite similar.

While you’re unlikely to have neon lights and a subwoofer fitted to your boiler (never say never though), you may find that certain parts are outdated or incompatible, pipework may need modification, or insulation improved.

These upgrades are essential to ensure that the new boiler functions optimally and efficiently (saving you money), and the site survey will identify these required changes.

Energy Assessment

Your new boiler is just one of many components of a highly efficient water heating system.

During the survey, heating engineers will be able to assess the energy efficiency of your current system, and then identify improvement opportunities.

These are often “easy wins” such as installation of thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), Smart Controls (Thermostats) or insulation upgrades.

These additions will provide cost-effective ways to maximise the efficiency of your new boiler.

Warranty Woes

Most manufacturers specify exact requirements for the new installation of their boilers, in order to maintain the validity of their warranty.

Conducting a site survey provides the installers with the opportunity to ensure that their chosen boiler is compatible with the infrastructure of your property, and that it meets the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Failure to ensure this compatibility will reduce the likelihood of receiving proper support should any issues arise and may void the warranty altogether.

Common Questions

Do I really need risk assessments”, “How many biscuits does the average builder consume per day” and “why do I need a site survey before fitting a new boiler” are common questions when planning a project.

The reality is, however, that the survey will normally be a seamless component of the overall service provided by the boiler installer.

At Blackpool Boiler Installations, we take a three-step approach which includes a site survey when fitting a new boiler. Our qualified experts do this for every installation, giving you peace of mind and confidence that your new boiler will work efficiently and is safe to use - leaving you to enjoy the hot showers and cosy home that it provides.

If we can help you with you new boiler needs, why not get an online quote here, or give us a call on 01253 422343 today for a chat.



We always like to make sure there are no questions or niggles after your new boiler site survey. WHAT OTHER BOILER COMPANY DOES THIS? 🫣

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