thermal imaging boiler repair in thornton
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Mr & Mrs Wilkinson's Boiler repair in Thornton Cleveleys

Boiler repair in Thornton Cleveleys

Mr & Mrs Wilkinson are long standing customers of Blackpool Boiler Installations and have had the confidence to use us over many years for a new boiler in Thornton, boiler service in Thornton and New radiators.

However this visit was for a boiler repair with a hot water fault on a Viessmann Vitodens 100 combi boiler, this can be very frustrating and stressful especially as the boiler is sited in the loft and difficult to monitor.

Having received a phone call we attended site the next day to investigate the boiler repair and faulty hot water, our engineer diagnosed the fault as a blocked plate heat exchanger and blocked return hose inside the boiler, this had been caused by a rusty towel radiator and heavy corrosion, the boiler didn't stand a chance and overheated causing the boiler fault.

Mr & Mrs Wilkinson decided to get the boiler repaired as they wasn't ready for a new boiler just yet even though the boiler was now in its retirement years, We advised them on the next steps to get this sorted as soon as possible and had to replace the blocked hose, replace the plate heat exchanger, remove and replace the rusty towel radiator and complete a full system powerflush to make sure the boiler would be super clean and performing again.

blocked hose boiler repair in thornton

New radiator and Powerflush completed in Thornton Cleveley's

it was nearly a full day of work to do a system powerflush, boiler repair, new towel radiator however after much hard work by our engineer the boiler finally got filled with fresh water and fresh system inhibitor and was ready for the big switch on.
The boiler repair had been successful and the combi boiler now has full hot water and heating to the relief of Mr & Mrs Wilkinson who now have peace of mind, they know that next time they will probably have a new boiler but that should be a few years down the line thanks to this successful boiler repair in Thornton Cleveley's
thermal imaging boiler repair in thornton

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viessmann boiler repair in thornton

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