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Super efficient Worcester Bosch Combi boiler for Mr Kay. Jan 2023

As the back end of 2022 draws in, Blackpool Boiler Installations are still busy helping customers in the Northwest save money on there energy bills by installing modern super efficient Combi boilers and systems.

Mr Kay of Blackpool has been using his current pellet system for many years, The cost and age of this system needed to be updated so we decided to convert the system to natural gas Worcester Bosch combi boiler pressurised system.

Out with the old system

Our engineer Mike got to work in installing the new Worcester Bosch combi boiler in the kitchen area, as Mike was hard at work Adam was busy cutting out the old redundant pipework and making sure the system design would suit the new boiler.

The Old boiler and hot water system below would now not be required.

old pellet boiler system

Worcester Bosch super efficient boiler installed

As there was no gas at the property we had to run a complete new gas pipe from a new gas meter outside to supply the new boiler, Do not worry, its fine to have a gas pipe outside. gas doesn't freeze.

This Boiler was to be installed with a Worcester Bosch filter and Worcester Bosch comfort room thermostat for great control to maximise energy savings.

As this was a larger property Mr Kay opted for the superb Worcester Bosch 8000 style 35kw combi boiler, this is perfect for larger properties with a couple of bathrooms and up to 20 radiators.

Mr Kay had received recommendations about our high quality work and unique customer experience. He was impressed with our top reviews and it was a no brainer to get a new boiler in Blackpool.

worcester 8000 style new boiler 2023


Do you want to save up to £800 per year on your gas bills?

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So why is this new boiler in Blackpool so efficient? 

The Worcester 8000 style combi boiler is as good as it gets for new boilers in Blackpool and the Northwest,

not only does it look amazing but the performance and reliability is second to none.

This boiler can be range rated down to suit the exact system size and only does what it needs to do which means no wasting gas.

Our Greenstar 8000 Style, has all the benefits of our 8000 Life, but is available in both high gloss black and white, represents a new benchmark in premium quality heating and hot water provision.

Available in combi up to 50kW and system 30-35kW, our new top of the range boiler offers a unique design and a pioneering full colour touchscreen display. It features a detailed text display and an intuitive menu structure for rapid diagnosis, fault-finding and commissioning, with no need to search through manuals and fault codes.

Our entire gas boiler range is able to run on a 20% hydrogen blend - so your customer can be confident it will run on gas for it’s lifetime

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