unvented system and new boiler in preston
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Unvented hot water system for Richard in Preston, Oct 2022

New Boiler and pressurised hot water in Preston

As the colder weather hits and darker mornings are upon us we can start to see a change in our customers habits and choices, heating and hot water are becoming more of a priority.

This was the case for last weeks project for Richard who decided it was time to have his out of date gravity hot water system removed and a new 300l pressurised hot water system installed at his home in Preston.

If you have an older style system with gravity hot water you will understand the frustration of poor showers, and poor flow from your hot tap, as well as the age it takes to heat up your radiators,

well Richard decided he needed an upgrade, and booking his site survey online here

The process of his new boiler booking

  • Richard booked a visit directly online
  • Richard got a confirmation email from our system
  • Richard received an email and text message in days prior to his appointment as a friendly reminder
  • Richard received a short video explaining what to expect from Adams visit
  • Richard received another text message when our engineer Adam was on his way to his property in Preston
  • Already knowing what to expect the site survey was quick and a smooth process
  • Blackpool Boiler Installations emailed Richard within 24hours of his site visit with his quotation
  • Richards quotation had 3 boiler choices and multiple options to choose from to add to his package
  • Richard selected his package. accepted and paid his 20% job deposit over the phone via a card payment
  • Richard was then kept up to date again with emails and text messages in the run up to his booking

The new boiler and unvented system installation in Preston

Richard wanted his new system in his garage, he left a great space for us to work in and a nice blank area for his new shiny system.

Did you know?

its perfectly fine to install your new boiler in your garage 👍

blank space for richards new boiler in preston

As this was a big job to remove existing hot water tanks, 25 year old boiler and alter pipework to install new boiler and pressurised cylinder we had 2 expert engineers on this one.

Adam and Mike began by safely draining the system and removing the old boiler and hot water cylinder and started to prepare the pipework in the garage.

after 3 hard days from the lads the system was in place and ready for our customer to start making use of.

Richard and his family are now feeling the benefits of a new system and winter is well and truly prepared for.

unvented system and new boiler in preston


This job included the installation of a new Worcester Bosch 4000 system boiler, huge 300l hot water cylinder and Google Nest smart thermostat.

nest smart thermostat in preston

how is your system? do you need to strongly consider an upgrade like Richard?

you can get your new boiler price by clicking here or book a site survey by clicking here 

The aftercare process of a new boiler

  • Richard had a 24hour aftercare follow up call, this including any questions Richard had on his new system and to take payment for the completed job
  • We then registered the new boiler warranty so Richard had no paperwork to do
  • We then sent Richard an email and help video to run through and FAQs he may have
  • We then advised Richard how best to look after his new boiler and hot water system by sending our service plan and care offerings 

Remember , we dont just install, we look after you and your new boiler for life. that's what we do best at Blackpool Boiler Installations, we know some companies just want your installation fee and then are not there to support you in the future, that why we are different, and many quality online reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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