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Rickesh had a New Boiler in Preston

beyond repair boiler replaced with new boiler in Preston

After finding us online and booking a boiler repair in via our website booking system, Rickesh had explained to us that the boiler was leaking in a few areas,

our engineer attended the boiler repair in Preston at the agreed time booked in, and upon arrival found a badly leaking boiler which also had been causing some issues for some time, as the boiler was 15 years old and had numerous issues to repair, our engineer on this occasion couldn't save this boilers life and a new boiler in Preston was needed.


The boiler was left safe and Rickesh had his new boiler proposal emailed to him within 6 hours of our engineers visit, the new boiler in Preston quote gave Rickesh 3 new boiler options and had some great benefits,

As we send out a shopping basket style quote, it means customers are not fixed to one price only, customer of Blackpool Boiler Installations have the ability to add or remove items and change packages to completely suit their needs.

after tweaking his quotation to suit his needs Rickesh decided to stick with our great service and arrange the installation of a new Worcester Bosch 8000 combi boiler which is a premium choice for property owners.

Rikesh had mentioned to us that he has had trades business's in the past to do work who simply do not turn up and do not do what they say,

This left him with low confidence on tradespeople and wanted to backing that Blackpool Boiler Installations would deliver.

Of course we did!

And all customers have the peace of mind that we give a 100% turn up guarantee or £50 cashback and are backed by hundreds of top rated online reviews and happy customers.


WATCH THIS VIDEO and see how we got on for Rickesh and his new boiler in Preston



The work was booked in , deposit paid and within 10 days are now BENEFITTING from a brand New Boiler in Preston with 10 years guarantee.

New Boiler in Preston Installation was completed with the following

✅ chemical flush

✅ Magnaclean central heating filter 

The Adey MagnaClean Professional2 has been expertly designed to protect your home's central heating system by maximising the capture of magnetite and trapping virtually all circulating debris.

Homeowner Benefits
6%* annual saving on heating bills (*For a typical three-bedroom property based on independent research)
Immediate ongoing central heating system protection
Extends the life of the central heating system
Reduced carbon emissions
Correctly sized filter for the central heating system

✅ EPH wireless programmable room thermostat 

The EPH Combi Pack 4 Programmable RF, Open Therm, Boilerplus Compliant thermostat boasts a user friendly design to ensure ease of use in low light or for people with impaired vision. The programable thermostat manufactured by EPH ensures flexible programming to provide the ultimate heating efficiency for your home, the holiday mode ensures control even when you're not at the property. The boiler plus compliant thermostat comes pre-paired to provide a simple installation and boasts a contemporary, discrete style to suit all home interiors.


✅ full installation labour and materials

✅ water hammer arrestor

Stainless steel mini expansion vessel is a maintenance free device to accommodate small increases in system volume and/or help prevent water hammer and vibration in plumbing systems.

✅ old boiler removed from site

✅ gas safe registration and warranty paperwork done for you

Upon completion the happy customer was given a full detailed handover on the new boiler, controls and future service plan aftercare which is essential.


new boiler fitted in preston lancashire



If you would like the 5 star treatment too then book directly online



new boiler fitted in preston lancashire


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