Do You Need a Boiler Service Plan?

If you answer yes to any of these points then a service plan is essential for you

  • You know the frustrations and stress of having no heating or hot water when you need it most
  • you've had the frustrations of searching for a reputable engineer to do a boiler repair
  • you have a new boiler or one under 5 years old
  • you have an older boiler which doesn't fill you with confidence
  • you regularly get your boiler serviced
  • you want peace of mind that its taken care of with little hassle to you
  • you prefer to save money and spread the cost
  • you want you and your family to be gas safe
  • you can never remember when the boiler service is due


Watch this short video and ill tell you why you need a service plan and our thoughts on this.


What is a service plan?

A service plan is an affordable monthly plan to ensure your boiler is serviced every year and is covered for repairs, lets be honest, there's nothing worse than an unexpected broken boiler. we have all been there.

A service plan gives great peace of mind knowing that the boiler will be checked every year without fail and you haven't got the hassle of arranging it or remembering when its due. It also means that any defects which may be starting to happen can get spotted early which will prevent future breakdowns leaving you in the cold.

If you are considering a new boiler then speak to the team and get your service plan wrapped up at the same time. its a great way to look after your new boiler 


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